New Children’s Jewellery Category – Gemma J

Gemma J Jewellery

Take a look at our new Milton Gems category which has a selection of pebble necklaces from Gemma J jewellery.  Gamma J is a range of beautiful children’s jewellery – they are nice and bright and pleasing on the eye.

All of the pebbles come with a 14 inch curb chain and include a pretty pink pouch perfect for giving to a little girl.  The size of the pebbles vary depending on which one you look at but are generally about 17mm x 10mm and a lot of the pendants have coloured enamel.

The birthstone necklaces have been especially popular – each month has their own gemstone making it an ideal and very special gift.

As always, there is a giftwrap option and the necklaces can be posted directly to the person it’s a gift for.